Youth4Business is replicating the dual pronged education and microfinance program as the Lord leads.  We currently have replicated in two locations and have a third promising location in the works. If you would like to partner with us, please send an email or give us a call!

Education Equals Hope

Susan Meeder
Susan Meeder

In the spring of 2012, Youth 4 Business began an official partnership with Christ Church Anglican and their Haitian sister church St. Jean Baptist in Savanette, Haiti.  Christ Church Anglican is located in Overland Park, KS and has been partnering with St. Jean Baptiste for over 20 years.   Ruth and Ryan Entwistle met the director of their Haiti World Team, Susan Meeder, while living in Haiti in 2008.  They started talking about partnership and in 2012 were able to put together a plan to replicate the Y4B entrepreneurship education program linked with a small microfinance program at St. Jean Baptiste.  Coicy Francky, Y4B program director, has worked tirelessly to train the parishioners to run their program.

In 2015, Susan Meeder started a new partnership with an organization called Education Equals Hope. At present this replicated program is able to run independently of Y4B, teaching entrepreneurship lessons, requiring a savings program, and lending funds through their microfinance program.  They have approximately 50 participants, 27 with loans of $65-$100.