1st Annual Conference

On March 1st, 2019, Youth4Business held its first annual conference in Chantal, Haiti. Our wonderful leaders, Coicy and Merline, organized for over 50 students and their teachers to gather together for the first time. All were greatly encouraged by meeting each other and dialoguing about entrepreneurship, small business, and education. Each school prepared a brief presentation. A local entrepreneur also shared his experience with the audience. We are excited to share the following video with you and look forward to next years’ conference! 

Education Program Graduate Success

Youth4Business is excited to share news about Junie, a recent graduate of the business education program in Les Cayes. Junie attends St Paul, a private school in the rural suburb of Torbek. She worked very hard during the school program and at the end of the school year, presented an excellent business plan for her cosmetic business.

Junie, with her graduation certificate

Coicy, our program director, evaluated the plan and decided that she would be able to receive a microfinance loan. Junie sells creams, soaps, toothpaste, and many other small items. She goes to school in the morning, finishes her homework, and then works on her business in the afternoon. During vacations and free time, she visits the free market to sell her products.

Youth4Business celebrates her success and looks forward to many young students following in Junie’s footsteps!

Student Spotlight: Paul Vanessa

Vanessa Paul, a previous student

Youth 4 Business encourages students to use their creativity to see needs as potential business opportunities. Seeing a lack of access to gas, Vanessa goes to a larger city to purchase and resell gas in her community near Chantal, Haiti.  With her profits, she has not only added additional products to her business but has also begun building a small house to live in with her parents.  Great job Vanessa!

Student Spotlight: Alcide Sonel

Sonel Alcide, a former student

The story of Alcide Sonel begins with thirst. Sonel desired a cold drink of water but found none in his town. This need led him to start a business buying bottled drinks, chilling them in a chest freezer, and reselling them in his community for a profit. Sonel is able to pay for his schooling each month with his profits! Sonel dreams of owning a bigger store in the future so that he can provide additional products to his community.

Former Student in Torbeck
Former Student in Torbeck
College Justin Lherisson de Torbeck 2016 Graduates
College Justin Lherisson de Torbeck 2016 Graduates